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Jamia Islamia Khairul Binat (Female Section)

Islamic Society can only flourish and strengthen when females should possess proper knowledge about the religion of Islam so that new generation being developed in their custody should possess Islamic values and character. Keeping in view this need, Hadrat Khawaja Abul Khair Peer Muhammad Abdullah Jan Sahib has entrusted his personal building for this noble cause of the religion of Islam. It may also be mentioned here that all the buildings concerning Jamia Abul Khair Foundation and its branches are the personal property of Hadrat Khawaja Abul Khair Sahib, who has endowed all his property in the way of Almighty Allah for promotion and growth of Islam. In sooth Hadrat Khawaja Abul Khair Sahib has devoted his entire life, spent his wealth and used his personal property in the name and way of Almighty Allah.

Establishment of Jamia Islamia Khairul Binat

Jamia Islamia Khairul Binat was established on 1st November, 1999. From the very beginning the Jamia started its functioning with the four Sections. Now different regular short Islamic introductory courses are also being taught. In this Section, females of every age from minor girls to elder women are studying Nazra Quran Pak. By the grace of God so many elder women have studied Nazra Quran Pak from here. As such interested women of all the ages are studying Nazra Quran Pak. Thus “acquire knowledge from care of the mother upto grave” is being followed effectively. Following courses are taught in Jamia Islamia Khairul Binat.

  • Nazra Quran Pak
  • Hifz Quran Pak and Tajweed
  • Translation and Tafseer
  • Aalma Fazla Course + F.A. and B.A
  • Islamic Introductory Course
  • Arabi Fazil

Similarly alongwith the study of Nazra Quran Pak, Translation and Tafseer and Hifz Quran Pak, 4 year Aalma Fazla Course is taught to the females in the evening shift after afternoon. Moreover, special reformative and spiritual programmes are held on each Thursday and Friday for females. The ladies, who can not devote their time to participate in daily spiritual programmes are attending these special reformative and spiritual programmes on each Thursday and Friday conveniently to mend their lives of this materialistic world and the Life after Death and gain the pleasure of Almighty Allah. These special spiritual programmes are open for all females.