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Dars e Nizami

Conditions for admission

  • Student has at least passed Middle examination.
  • In case of student who has made Hifz-ul-Quran, primary pass can be admitted.

In this section Farsi, Sarf Naho (Grammer), Mantaq, Falsafa, Fiqah, Asool Fiqah, Adab Arabi, Ilm-ul-Kalam, Ilm-ul-Fraaiz, Hadith, Asool Hadith, Tarjuma and Tafseer (Translation and Interpretation), Asool Tafseer (Principles of Interpretation) are taught to the students. In addition all facilities are provided properly to the students for studying Matric, F.A, B.A. and M.A. Thus modern education is also arranged properly. It is the distinction of this institution that good conduct and moral character of the students is maintained alongwith their education effectively. One who has studied from this institution become pious and virtuous. Alongwith Shariah, stages of Tareeqat are being passed over here. Great emphasis is laid on internal sanctity. The number of the students is increasing rapidly day by day due to educational and moral standard of this Jamia. Now the position is that the education is imparted in three shifts due to shortage of place. About 100 students are residing permanently at this short place. All the expenses on account of boarding, lodging and medical treatment etc. of the students are borne by the Patron of Jamia. It is also made here clear that not a single penny of grant, zakat etc. has been provided by the Government for the institution so far.