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Al-Quran Education in Abul Khair Foundation

Abul Khair Foundation actively provides Quran education in following sections under the supervision of highly qualified Teachers.

Nazra Quran Pak

There is neither restriction of age limit for admission in this Section nor restriction of time because study in the various Sections of this Jamia is started early in the morning before the prayer of Fajer and continued upto 10:30 night (p.m). By the grace of God so many persons of every age from minors to elders have studied and are studying Nazra Quran Pak in the Jamia Islamia, Aastana Khairia. About 98% persons around the Aastana Pak and their children have studied and are studying in this Jamia. Alongwith the study of Nazra Quran Pak, Prayer (Salat-Nimaz), Kalmae, Prayer of the Deceased (Nimaz-e-Janaza) and essential Fiqah-e-Problems are taught to the students.


Section of the Hifz-ul-Quran Pak is functioning in this Jamia since 1994. So many children have preserved the treasure of Holy Quran in their hearts. Students from all parts of the country are studying in the Jamia.
Condition for admission in the Section of Hifz-ul-Quran
  • Student has passed primary examination
  • Has studied Nazra Quran Pak
Duration of Education

It is a particular characteristic of this Section that active individual attention is paid to each student. No burden is placed on the students. One who can remember easily with his interest, the lesson is given to him accordingly. Usually the students are remembering Holy Quran Pak within 2 to 3 years. Many clever students have made Hifz Quran Pak from here in less than one year.

Tajweed and Qirat

For the purpose of correct pronunciation and reading of Holy Quran, a complete course of Tajweed and Qirat is imparted to the boys and girls students in their separate respective classes of this Jamia. In each year during summer vacations, two months course of Naat and Qirat is also imparted.